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Kontondiro (Greetings)

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I be ñádi le?
How are you?
M be jaŋ doroŋ
I am here only (I'm fine)
Somundá be di?
How is the morning?
Somundá be jaŋ doroŋ
The morning is here only
Tilibúlo be di?
How is the afternoon?
Wuláro be di?
How is the evening?
I be kayira to? I be hera to?
Are you at peace?
Al be kayira to?
Are you all at peace? (How are you all doing?)
Hera/kayira láta?
Did you lie (sleep) in peace?
Kayira doroŋ
Peace only
Suto ye diyá
May the night be sweet (to say goodnight)
I sinota kayira kono?
Did you sleep in peace?
I sinota bake?
Did you sleep a lot?
I ye mune fo?
What did you say? (like "what's up")
Mune be keriŋ?
What's happening? What's going on?
Hani feŋ
I sama / Al sama
Good morning (lit. you morning) singular / plural
I tiñaŋ / Al tiñaŋ
Good afternoon
I wulára / Al wulára
Good evening
I niŋ bára / Al niŋ bára
"You and work" (Greeting for anytime, even not working)
I b-a’kaŋ?
Are you on it? (Are you working?)
Ha, m b-a'kaŋ
Yes I'm on it
M b-a’kaŋ domandiŋ-domandiŋ
I'm on it, little by little