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-TA ~ Past/Descrip Pres. (perfect/intransitive)

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A táta le
He/she/it went
A fáta
He/she/it is full/dead
N síta
I sat / I'm full
A kañanta
It's enough (I had enough)
A ñiñáta le
He/she/it is beautiful
A doyáta
He/she/it is small
I / we returned
A maŋ muruŋ
He/she/it did not return
Ka duŋ
To enter
A dunta buŋ-kono
He/she/it entered in the room
Ka tambi
To pass by
A tambita
He/she/it passed by
Ka finti, ka funti
To go/come out, to emerge
I fintita le!
You/they came out!
Ka futa
To arrive
N futata
I / We arrived
Ka seyi
To return home
N seyita
I returned home
Ka tama
To walk/travel
N tamata le
I walked/traveled
Ka boriŋ
To run
N borinta
I ran
I boyita le
You / They fell
Ka boyi
To fall