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Transitive Verbs 2

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M b-a'kela
I will do it
I m-a'ke
You/they didn't do it
I see (it)
M b-a'dadala
I will fix/make it
A m-a'dada
He did not fix/make it
Open it
Tie/attach it
I b-a'safela
You will write it
A m-a'safe
He did not write it
I wrote it
I y-a'karaŋ
You learned/studied/read it
A m-a'karaŋ
He/she did not learn/study/read it
M b-a'karanna
I will learn/study/read it
N t-a'karaŋ
I will not learn/study/read it
N ka-a'karaŋ
I learn/study/read it
M buka-a'karaŋ
I do not learn/study/read it