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Ka saŋ
To buy
Ka wafi
To sell
M-maŋ kodo soto
I don't have money
M b-a'sanna
I will buy it
I be tála minto?
Where are you going?
Dá mu jelu le ti?
The price is how much?
Dá koliyáta le
The price is hard (expensive)
Lessen it (the price, literally 'divide it')
Faliŋo le?
Where is the change?
Small money (coins)
N'jindi jaŋ
Let me off here
I paid
I m-a'jo
You didn't pay
Kodo di ala
Give the money to him/her
A ye kodo di na
He give me money
I lafita jelu?
How much/many do you want?
Gift given upon arriving (literally road gift)
Main road (literally big/great road)
Dalasi lulu
25 CFA (literally "5")
Dalasi taŋ
50 CFA (literally "10")
Dalasi muwaŋ
100 CFA (literally "20")
Dalasi keme / keme kiliŋ
500 CFA (literally "100")
Dalasi keme fula
1000 CFA (literally "200")
Dalasi keme saba
1500 CFA (literally "300")
Passo mu jelu le ti?
How much is the pass (fare)?