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Intransitive Verbs 1 (Action Verbs)

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N-náta le
I came / I arrived
A maŋ ná
It did not come / arrive
Ka ná
To come
Ka tá
To go
N táta
I went
Ka kontoŋ
To lunch
Ná kontoŋ!
Come eat lunch!
Ka-a'kontoŋ (transitive)
To greet (someone)
I me-n'kontoŋ?
You don't greet me?
Ka sí
To sit / To live (somewhere)
Ka lá
To lie down
N láta
I lied down
N síta
I sat / I'm full
I be láriŋ
You're lying down
I be siriŋ
You are sitting (also used as a greeting)
Ka bo
To be from / to come from
I bota minto le?
Where are you from?
Ka kandi
To be hot
Ka baŋ
To finish, to pass away
Ka fá
To be full, to die
A kandita le
It's hot