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Intransitive Verbs 2 (Description Verbs)

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A maŋ beteyá
It's not good
Ka diyá
To be sweet/tasty, To be very good
Ka siyá
To be a lot of
Ka wará
To be large
Ka doyá
To be small
Ka sumiyá
To be cold
Ka kandi
To be hot
Ka jawuyá
To be bad, wicked, evil
Ka sewó
To be happy
Ka kontán
To be happy, content (from French)
Ka kaŋfá / kamfá
To be angry
Ka sutiyá
To be short
A sutiyáta
He/she/it is short
Ka jaŋayá
To be tall
N jaŋayáta le
I am tall
M-maŋ jaŋayá
I am not tall
A kañanta
It's enough (I had enough)
Ka kañaŋ
To be enough