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شِرِب - بشْرَب
To Drink - I Drink
أَكَل - باْكُل
To Eat - I Eat
شاف - بشوف
To See - I See
شْتَغَل - بشْتِغِل
To Work - I Work
بَدّ - بَدّي
To Want - I Want *Irregular Verb *Conjugates like Noun
حَبّ - بحِبّ
To Love - I Love
عِرِف - بعْرِف
To Know - I Know
عِمِل - بعمُل
To Do (Make) - I Do (Make)
راح - بروح
To Go - I Go
تْصَلّ - بتصُلّ
To Call or Contact - I Call or Contact
خَبَّر - بخَبِّر
To Tell, Inform - I Tell, Inform
ضِحِك - بضْحَك
To Laugh - I Laugh
تِعِب - بِتْعَب
To Become Tired - I Become Tired
جاب - بجيب
To Bring - I Bring
تأخَّر - بتأخَّر
To Be Late - I Am Late
عَلَّم - بْعَلِّم
To Teach, Educate - I Teach, Educate
مَرَق - بِمْرُق
To Pass By, Stop By - I Pass By, Stop By
عاش - بعيش
To Live (Life) - I Live (Life)
نسي - بِنْسى
To Forget - I Forget
خَلّى - بخَلّي
To Permit, Allow, Let - I Permit, Allow, Let
دَرَس - بدْرُس
To Study - I Study
قَرَا - بِقْرا
To Read - I Read
سَكن - بسْكُن
To Live, Dwell - I Live, Dwell
فِهِم - بفْهَم
To Understand - I Understand
جَلى - بِجْلي
To Wash Dishes - I Wash Dishes
حَكى - بِحكي
To Speak, Talk - I Speak, Talk
حُضِر - بِحْضَر
To Watch, Attend - I Watch, Attend *Entertainment, TV, Play, etc.
طُلِع - بطْلَع
To Go Up - I Go Up or To Become - I Become
دَفَع - بِدْفَع
To Pay - I Pay
نِزِل - بنْزَل
To Go Down - I Go Down
لِبِس - بِلْبُس
To Wear, Dress - I Wear, Dress
كَتَب - بكْتُب
To Write - I Write
وِصِل - بوصَل
To Arrive - I Arrive
لِعِب - بلعَب
To Play - I Play
شترى - بشتري
To Buy - I Buy
تعشّى - بتعشى
To Eat Dinner - I Eat Dinner
جاوَب - بجاوِب
To Answer, Reply - I Answer, Reply
نام - بنام
To Sleep - I Sleep
سْتَعْمَل - بِسْتَعْمِل
To Use, Utilize - I Use, Utilize
رَكَض - برْكُض
To Run - I Run
قال - بْقول
To Say - I Say
قِدِر - بقْدَر
To Can, Be Able - I Can, Am Able
إِجى - بجي
To Come - I Come
فاق - بفيق
To Wake Up - I Wake Up
بلَّش - ببلَّش
To Start - I Start
ساعَد - بساعِد
To Help - I Help
سَكَّر - بْسَكِّر
To Close - I Close
مات - بْموت
To Die - I Die
تْرَوَّق - بترَوَّق
To Eat Breakfast - I Eat Breakfast
ضَلّ - بِضَلّ
To Stay, Remain - I Stay, Remain (In a place) To Keep Doing S/O
طَبَخ - بطْبُخ
To Cook - I Cook
فَتَح - بِفْتَح
To Open - I Open
حَضَّر - بحَضِّر
To Prepare - I Prepare
فَلّ - بْفِلّ
To Leave, Depart - I Leave, Depart *From a place
أَخَد - باخُد
To Take - I Take
كان - بكون
To be - I am
تغدّى - بتغدّى
To Eat Lunch - I Eat Lunch
سِمِع - بِسْمَع
To Hear, Listen - I Hear, Listen
وَصَّل - بْوَصِّل
To Deliver, Convey - I Deliver, Convey Drive to, Give a lift, Connect (wires) together
سأَل - بسْأَل
To Ask a Question - I Ask a Question
رِجِع - برْجَع
To Return - I Return
ساق - بْسوق
To Drive - I Drive
عَصّب - بعصِّب
To Become Angry or Nervous
نَطَر - بِنْطُر
To Wait - I Wait
حَطّ - بِحِطّ
To Put - I Put
عَجَب - بِعْجُب
To Like - I Like To Please - I Please Appeal to S/O
ضَهَر - بِضْهَر
To Go Out - I Go Out
سلَّم - بسَلِّم (على)١
To Greet - I Greet
دَقّ - بدِقّ
To Knock, Ring, Play an instrument - I Knock, Ring, Play and instrument
تْذَكَّر - بتذَكَّر
To Remember - I Remember
شَكَر - بشْكُر
To Thank - I Thank
تْسَلّى - بِتْسَلّى
To Have Fun - I Have Fun
ترَك - بِتْرُك
To Leave - I Leave *S/o or S/t
فات - بفوت
To Enter - I Enter
جاع - بجوع
To Hunger - I Hunger
كَسَر - بِكْسُر
To Break - I Break
سَحَب - بِسحَب
To Withdraw - I Withdraw To Draw - I Draw
تْحَمَّم - بتحَمِّم
To Bathe oneself - I Bathe
فِضي - بفضى
To become Free or Empty - I become Free or Empty To become Available
شال - بشيل
To Take Off, away - I Take Off, away To Remove - I Remove
قام - بقوم
To Get up, Rise, Arise - I Get up, Rise, Arise
شَلَح - بشلَح
To Undress - I Undress
(دَلّ - بْدِلّ (على
To Point, direct, show the way, guide - I Point, direct, show the way, guide
صَدَّق - بصَدِّق
To Believe, Trust - I Believe, Trust (S/O or S/T) To Certify - I Certify (S/T)
عاز - بعوز
To Need - I Need #2
أثَّر - بأثِّر
To affect, Influence
طار - بطير
To Fly - I Fly
بَرَد - بِبرُد
To Get Cold - I Get Cold
تفَضَّل - بتفَضِّل
To Have the Honor
خَلَص - بُخلَص
To Be Finished
داق - بدوق
To Taste - I Taste
صار - بصير
To Happen (for S/T) To Become (for S/O) To Start (an action)
عجَّل - بعَجِّل
To Rush - I Rush
غِفِي - بغفى
To Fall Asleep
مِشي - بمشي
To Walk - I Walk
هِلِك - بهلَك
To become Exhausted
وِقِف - بوقَف
To Stand - I Stand
بَطَّل - ببَطِّل
To Quit (a habit) Stop doing S/T
بيَّض - ببيِّض
To Whiten S/T, To Bleach Fig.:Make S/O proud when used with "face"
تْتَفَق - بِتِّفِق
To Agree With Have an agreement with
تَحرَّش - بتحرَّش في/بِ
To Harass
تسَطَّح - بتسَطَّح
To be layed down
تصالَح - بتصالَح
To Make Peace with
تغَيَّر - بتغَيَّر
To be changed
تلاقى - بتلاقى (في، بِ، مع)
To Run into S/O To Meet by chance
توَفّق - بتوَفّق
To Have Luck To Obtain a good result