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bi qasî
like, as
like, as
Ez bi qasî te dirêj im.
I'm not as tall as you. (q)
Tu bi qasî me ne jîr î.
You are not as hard working as we are. (q)
Ma Mizgîn bi qasî wê qellew e?
Is Mizgîn as fat as her? (ma) (q)
Na, ew bi qasî wê ne qelew e.
No, he's not as fat as her.
Darên kê bi qasî yên wî bilind in?
Whose trees are as tall/high as his? (q)
Ên me ji yên wî bilindtir in.
Ours are taller than his.
Ên me yên herî bilind in.
Ours are the tallest ones. (word front)
Na, yên Bawer ji yên we jî bilindtir in.
No Bawer's are even taller than yours.