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L1: Questions and negation- Pirs û Neyînî

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ew sêv e?
Is that an apple?
ev kevçî ne?
Are these spoons?
ma ev pirtûk e?
Is this a book? (ma)
ma ew zaro ne?
Are those children? (ma)
ev çi ye?
What is this?
ew çi ne?
What are those?
ev çi ne?
What are these?
ew pirtûk e.
That's a book.
ew pênûs in.
They are pens.
ew kevçî ne.
They are spoons.
ev ne dêr e.
This is not a church.
ew ne gog in.
Those are not balls.
ev ne mamoste ye.
This is not a teacher.
ew ne gundî ne.
Those are not villagers.
ev ne pênûs e.
This is not a pen.
ew ne xwendekar e.
That is not a student.
ew ne kevçî ne.
Those are not spoons.
ev ne mizgeft e?
Is this not a mosque?
ew ne nexweş in?
Are those not sick?
ma ew ne mazûvan e?
Is that not the host/hostess? (ma)
na, ew mêvan e.
No, that is the guest.
ma ew ne xwendekar in?
Are those not students? (ma)
belê, ew xwendekar in.
Yes, they are students.
ma ev ne kevçî ne?
Are these not spoons? (ma)
na, ew ne kevçî ne.
No, they are not spoons.
ev agir e.
This is fire.
ev nexweş e.
This is a sick person.
ev cotkar e.
This is a farmer.
ev dêr e.
This is a church.
ev karker in.
These are workers.
ew mamoste ne.
Those are teachers.
ew pace ne.
Those are windows.
ev ne gog e.
This is not a ball.
ew ne gundî ye.
That is not a villager.
ma ev name ye?
Is this a letter? (ma)
na, ew ne name ye.
No, that is not a letter.
ew pênûs e.
That is a pen.
ma ew polîs e.
Is that a police(man)? (ma)
na, ew ne polîs e.
No, that is not a police(man).
ew karker e.
That is a worker.
ev ne bav e?
Is this not a father?
belê, ew bav e.
Yes, that is a father.