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L6: Hebûn - To be, to exist, to have, There is/Th

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there is
there are
Darek heye.
There is a tree.
Darin hene.
There are some trees.
Piçek nanê wî heye.
He has a little bread.
Li ser masê pirtûk hene.
There are books on the table.
Li kuçê darek heye.
There is a tree in the street.
Li mala me televîzyonek heye.
There is a television in our house.
Di destê wê de lîstokek heye.
There is a toy in her hand.
Di şûşê de av heye.
There is water in the bottle.
Li ber pînikê mirîşk hene.
There are chickens in front of the coop.
Di dexlikê de pirtûk hene.
There are books in the drawer.