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L1: Personal Pronouns - Cînavên kesîn

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You (singular)
He, She, It
You (plural)
To be
ez ... im
I am ...
tu ... î
You are ... (singular)
ew ... e
He, She, It is ...
em ... in
We are ...
hun ... in
You are ... (plural)
ew ... in
They are ...
ez ... me
I am ... (vowel)
tu ... yî
You are ... (singular) (vowel)
ew ... ye
He, She, It is ... (vowel)
em ... ne
We are ... (vowel)
hun ... ne
You are ... (plural) (vowel)
ew ... ne
They are ... (vowel)
ez karker im.
I am a worker.
ez mamoste me.
I am a teacher.
tu polîs î.
You are a police (man).
tu gundî yî.
You are a villager.
ew mal e.
It is a home.
ew xanî ye.
It is a house.
em tixtor in.
We are doctors.
em zaro ne.
We are children.
hun jin in.
You are women.
hun dê ne.
You are mothers.
ew dêr in.
Those are churches.
ew sako ne.
Those are coats.
tu kî yî?
Who are you?
ez Azad im.
I am Azad.
ew kî ye?
Who is she?
ew Gulê ye.
She is Gulê.
ew kî ne?
Who are they?
ew mamoste ne.
They are teachers.