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Derî vekirî ye?
Is the door open?
Na, derî ne vekirî ye.
No, the door is not open.
Girtî ye.
(It's) closed.
Lê belê pace vekirî ye.
But the window is open.
Ma pênûs girover in?
Are the pens round?
Na, pênûs ne girover in.
No, The pens are not round.
Lê gog girover in.
But the balls are round.
Ma sêv xweş e?
Is the apple nice?
Erê, pir xweş e.
Yes, it is very nice.
Ma xanî mezin in?
Are the houses big?
Belê, pir mezin in.
Yes, they are very big.
Çi paqij e?
What is clean?
Kevçî paqij e.
The spoon is clean.
Kî gemarî ye?
Who is dirty?
Silo gemarî ye.
Silo is dirty.
Kî jîr e?
Who is hard-working? (diligent)
Ev jîr in.
These are hard-working. (diligent)
Ma agir ne germ e?
Is the fire not hot?
Erê, pir germ e.
Yes, it is very hot.
Ev mamoste dirêj e, lê ew kin e.
This teacher is tall, but that (one) is short.