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Area of Study 4: Koko: 'Yiri'

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goblet-shaped drum from West Africa
hourglass-shaped 'talking drum' held under the arm and played with the hand
double-headed drum (in several different sizes) played with sticks
rhythms that literally cross the usual patter of accented and unaccented beats creating irregular accents and syncopated effects
oral tradition (2)
music that is learnt by listening and repeating, and passed on orally from generation to generation (without being written down in traditional notation)
polyrhythmic texture
a texture made up of many different rhythms
tone languages
in African music, languages made up of only a few pitches, called tone languages. The pitch level determines the meaning of the words
category of instruments that have a drum skin (membrane)
effects made by the voice, using vowel sounds such as 'eh', 'ah', 'oh'
a musical texture in which several parts play the same melodic part but with slight differences in pitch
monophonic (2)
a musical texture of a single melodic line with no accompaniment