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Area of Study 3: Jeff Buckley: 'Grace' from Grace

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music concentrating on the manipulation of timbre and texture to create a musical 'landscape' or atmosphere rather than the statement and development of musical themes
the use of a multi-track recording device to layer recorded parts
a note repeated or sustained across chord changes, often creating a dissonance
power chords
a chord commonly played on the guitar consisting of the root note and the perfect fifth
repetition(s) of a sound after a set time interval, usually at a lower volume and with less high frequency content than the original
abbreviation of equalisation - electronically cutting or boosting specific frequencies in a sound
a studio effect ranging from subtle 'swirling' sounds to 'jet plane' effects
playing a string instrument by plucking the strings
a playing technique on string instruments by sliding the finger from one note to another or a metal/ glass device used to slide from one note to another on guitars