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usual, common
der Dreck
the mess, the dirt, the rubbish, the trash (singular only)
flat, dull
1. annoying, irritating (adj.). 2. annoyingly, irritatingly (adv.)
der Fahrschein, -e
the ticket (for public transport) (2)
den Führerschein machen
to get a driver's license
die Wellness
the wellness, the well-being (no plural, exact English cognate)
der Star, -s
the celebrity, the star
der Ersatz
the replacement, the substitute (singular only)
to score (as in, to take down or mark a score)
der Nationalsozialist, -en
the National Socialist (Nazi) (male)
Woher weißt du das?
How do you know that? (informal singular)
die Matte, -n
the mat, the doormat
das Ritual, -e
the ritual
die Traube, -n
the grape
to come from
die Roulade, -n
the roulade, the braised meat rolls
die Barzahlung, -en
the cash payment
die Diät, -en
the diet
Kannst du den Tisch decken?
Can you set the table? (informal singular)
to manage, to pull something off
die Langeweile
the boredom (singular only)
to post
to grill, to barbecue (something)
die Kirsche, -n
the cherry
das Appartement, -s
the apartment (1)
die Werbeagentur, -en
the advertising agency
die Wanderung, -en
the hike, the trek
to cancel
das Rotkraut
the red cabbage (singular only) (2)
das Enkelkind, -er
the grandchild
to join in, to take part
das Autogramm, -e
the autograph
der Bewerber, -
the male applicant
to hang, to hang up (not a phone) (1)
die Fahrzeugpapiere
the vehicle documents / papers (plural only)
der Fahrradladen, -"
the bicycle store (2)
inspirieren zu
to inspire to (preposition included)
Ich bin feige.
I'm a coward.
das Xylophon, -e
the xylophone
Zieh dich warm an.
Put something warm on. (informal singular)
der Reisepass, -"e
the (travel) passport
die Kurzstrecke, -n
the short distance
to charge, to recharge
der Rückflug, -"e
the return flight (flight back from somewhere)
auf jeden Fall
in any case (1), definitely
der Alleinerziehende, -n
the male single parent (the word declines)
die Arztpraxis, die Arztpraxen
the doctor's office, the medical practice
unter einer Bedingung
under one condition
Mir ist klar, dass ...
I realize that ... I get that... It is clear to me that ...
Was darf ich Ihnen bringen?
What can I get you? What am I allowed to bring you? (formal)
etwas gut gebrauchen
to put something to good use
das Filmgenre, -s
the film genre
der Empfänger, -
the male recipient (destinataire)
der Gesang
the singing, the vocals (singular only)
Alles klar!
Got it! All clear!
die Taufe, -n
the baptism, the christening
to nominate
der Espresso, -s
the espresso
Ich bin der gleichen Meinung.
I share the same opinion. I agree with you.
die Reservierung, -en
the reservation
Frohes neues Jahr!
Happy New Year! (1)
das Abseits
the offside (sports) (singular only)
to skype
to google
der Clown, -s
the clown (male)
die Kosmetik
the cosmetics (singular only)
die Ananas, -
the pineapple
Gut gemacht!
Well done!
das nächste Mal
(the) next time
die Kleinigkeit, -en
1. the small things, the minor details. 2. the bite
die Revolution, -en
the revolution
das Lehrwerk, -e
the textbook (1)
die Linse, -n
1. the lentil. 2. the lens
der Flugsteig, -e
the (airport) gate
1. unclear, vague, obscure, ambiguous (adj.). 2. unclearly (adv.)
auch wenn
even if
der Ofen, -"
the furnace, the heater, the stove, the oven
Ich muss mir meine eigene Meinung bilden.
I have to form my own opinion.
der Baumarkt, -"e
the hardware store
Könntest du mir einen Gefallen tun?
Could you do me a favor? (informal singular)
Ich habe es aus reiner Freundlichkeit getan.
I did it out of sheer kindness.
der Plakat, -e
the poster (1)
1. professional (adj.). 2. professionally (adv.)
die Balance, -n
the balance
sich frisch machen
to freshen up
der Hustenanfall, -"e
the coughing fit
der Kopfsprung, -"e
the header, the dive
der Rettungsschwimmer, -
the male lifeguard
der Sanitäter, -
the male paramedic
das Apfelmus, -e
the apple sauce (plural rare)
to symbolize
sich etablieren
to establish oneself, to settle down
to abuse, to misuse
unter anderem
among others
die Erholung
the relaxation, the recreation (singular only)