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to confuse, to mix up
die Prinzessin, -nen
the princess
der Papa, -s
the dad (1)
Auf ...
To ... / Here's to ...
am Wochenende
on the weekend
übernächster, übernächstes, übernächste
the one after next (three forms)
der Besprechungsraum, -"e
the conference room (1)
hin und zurück
there and back, to and from, round trip
der Spielplatz, -"e
the playground
der Prinz, -en, -en
the prince
der Hocker, -
the stool, the bar stool
to spill
das Kinderzimmer, -
the child's room
die Enkeltochter, -"
the granddaughter (2)
1. remote, off the beaten track. 2. at a distance from, away from (prep) (+ gen)
der Verbstamm, -"e
the verb stem
Das schreibt man mit B.
One writes that with a B. This is spelled with a B.
ohne Grund
for no reason, without reason
am Anfang
first, in the beginning, at the beginning
to match, to assign, to allocate
die Nebenrolle, -n
the supporting role
Ziehen Sie eine Wartenummer.
Take a number. (formal)
die Windel, -n
the diaper
die Ameise, -n
the ant
die Spüle, -n
the (kitchen) sink (2)
der Zeitplan, -"e
the timetable, the schedule
das Feuerzeug, -e
the lighter
die Interessentin, -nen
the female interested person, the female interested party, the female prospect (here: implies "potential" or "prospective")
der Tipp, -s
the tip (e.g. hint)
to overdraw (e.g. from a bank account)
die Augen aufreißen
to open (your) eyes
magnificent, brilliant, fabulous
der Abschluss, -"e
the graduation, the school leaving
das Bewerbungsfoto, -s
the application photo (e.g. on a cv)
to have time off
die Choreografie, -n
the choreography
der Gewinner, -
the male winner
Ich muss los.
I have to go. Gotta go.
das Handwerk, -e
the trade, the craft (plural rare)
seit langem
for a long time, long since
im Trend sein
to be in style, to be trendy
Ich bin fest angestellt.
I am a permanent employee.
die Mailbox, -en
the mailbox (exact English cognate, references email)
Ich schalte den Computer aus.
I'm shutting down the computer.
der Rentner, -
the male retiree, the male pensioner
zum Glück
luckily (1)
luckily (2)
das Quadrat, -e
the square
to transfer (money)
Ich lasse mir die Haare schneiden.
I’m getting a haircut.
Wie hoch ist die Miete?
How much is the rent?
die Technikerin, -nen
the female technician
der Notausgang, -"e
the emergency exit
Das wird Spaß machen!
It will be fun!
die deutsche Sprache
the German language (singular only)
to cough
closed (as in: a store, business, etc. Can be used with haben and sein)
der Schwamm, -"e
the sponge
die Gymnastik
(the) gymnastics (1) (singular only)
to climb
die Arbeitserlaubnis, -se
the work permit
die Datei, -en
the computer file
relaxed, laid-back (not relaxing)
to invent
der Liebesfilm, -e
the romantic movie, the love story
die Stellenanzeige, -n
the job ad, the job posting
der Büroraum, -"e
the study, the office (room) (2)
der Kakao, -s
the cocoa
die Konjunktion, -en
the conjunction
der Gebrauchtwagen, -
the used car
die Beilage, -n
the side dish
Wofür interessierst du dich?
What are your interests? What are you interested in? What interests you? (informal)
to go away, to travel
Ich möchte einen Unfall melden.
I’d like to report an accident.
to be deducted, to come off, to exit
Ich bin anderer Meinung.
I'm of another opinion.
die Paprika, -
the bell pepper, the capsicum
die Allergie, -n
the allergie
das Dachgeschoss, -e
the attic (2), the top floor
unfaithful, disloyal
die Treue
the loyalty, the faithfulness, the fidelity (singular only)
der Misserfolg, -e
the failure, the flop
to fly over, to take a quick look, to scan, to skim
das Abendmahl, -e
the (holy) communion, the Last Supper
das Zoll, -
the inch
die Vorliebe, -n
the preference
das Einzel, -
the single, the singles match (sports)
ein anderes Mal
another time
der Spargel
the asparagus (singular only)
die Ungleichung, -en
the inequation
to oversleep
die Empfehlung, -en
the recommendation
1. mental, psychological (adj.). 2. mentally, psychologically (adv.)
mal sehen
we'll see
die Formulierung, -en
the wording, the formulation
der Richtige, -n
the right person (the word declines), the right numbers
der Rechtschreibfehler, -
the spelling mistake
1. impulsive (adj.). 2. impulsively (adv.)