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iaˋ tiauˇ kiunˇ dongˊ jiangˊ .
This skirt/dress looks beautiful.
iaˋ siinˊ samˊ fu dongˊ gagˋ siinˊ .
This clothe is well-fitted.
ngo boi ngidˋ teuˇ anˋ ladˋ ,cudˋ munˇ oi gi dedˋ dai mo eˋ .
It's sunny, remember to put on hat when you go outside.
log iˋ tienˊ oi kiaˇ zaˊ eˋ .
Hold umbrella if it's raining.
zogˋ anˋ seuˋ ,voi honˇ moˇ?
You wear so little. Don't you feel cold?
gimˊ buˊ ngidˋ dongˊ honˇ ,oi zogˋ gaˊ deuˊ samˊ .
Today's cold. Put on more clothe.
honˇ tienˊ zogˋ pong xien samˊ dongˊ seuˊ nonˊ .
In winter, it feels warm wearing sweater.
ngied tienˊ dongˊ ngied,zogˋ donˋ qiu eˋ qiu zo dedˋ eˇ!
Summer's hot, so it's okay to wear short pants.
iuˊ nginˇ hagˋ loiˇ ,mˇ hoˋ daˋ cagˋ bogˋ .
Don't be nude when there's guest.
ngib loiˇ vugˋ duˋ ,qiangˋ todˋ haiˇ .
Please take off your shoes when you come inside the house.
nˇ gimˊ buˊ ngidˋ zogˋ do anˋ pai teuˇ ,oi hi siid jiuˋ he moˇ?
You have dressed up today, are you going to a wedding banquet?
loˋ moi baˇ suˊ bauˊ eˋ hi hog gauˋ .
My younger sister took on the backpack to school.