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hoˋ hong eˇ!
Wake up!
giagˋ giagˋ hi seˋ mien 、co ngaˇ ciiˋ!
Hurry up to wash your face and brush your teeth!
ngaiˇ oi soi dongˊ zu .
I want to take a nap in the afternoon.
anˋ ia eˇ!hoˋ hi soi mugˋ eˇ!
It's so late in night! Go sleep now.
tien foˋ guanˊ tedˋ giˇ!
Turn off the light!
maˇ fanˇ nˇ koiˊ tien foˋ hoˋ moˇ?
Can you please turn on the light?
siid fan qienˇ oi xienˊ seˋ suˋ .
Wash your hands before meals.
siid fan heu oi tongˊ zoi.
Gargle after meals.
ngaiˇ ngiau cudˋ ,xiongˋ oi oˊ ngiau .
It's urgency, I want to pee.
loˋ moi do seˋ siinˊ gienˊ seˋ siinˊ .
Little sister is taking shower in the bathroom.
aˊ gungˊ do gienˊ duˋ hiedˋ kun .
Grandfather is resting in the bedroom.
loˋ taiˊ do tangˊ haˊ kon tien sii
Little brother is watching TV in the living room.
aˊ meˊ do zo haˊ zuˋ fan .
Mother is cooking in the kitchen.
ngaiˇ dagˋ zeuˊ siinˇ so ti naiˇ .
I sweep the floor everyday.
nˇ hed do nai vi?
Where do you live?
iuˊ nginˇ toˊ vugˋ kaˊ moˇ?
Excuse me, is anybody at home?
aˊ baˊ moˇ toˊ vugˋ kaˊ .
My father is not at home.
aˊ meˊ hanˇ mangˇ zonˋ .
My mother hasn't come back yet.
zang loiˇ liau!
See you!
sun hangˇ!iuˊ hanˇ zang loiˇ liau!
Be careful on your way home! See you!
gimˊ buˊ ngidˋ biong liau,mˇ siiˋ hi hog gauˋ .
It's holiday today, it doesn't need to go to school.
ngaiˇ zonˋ loiˇ eˇ!
I"m back home!