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nˇ oi hi nai vi?
Where are you going?
qiangˋ denˋ idˋ ha!ngaiˇ ngiamˇ siiˇ go loiˇ!
Please wait a second! I'm going to you right away!
nˇ man do eˇ!
You are late!
ka giagˋ deuˊ eˋ!voi fu mˇ doˋ eˇ!
Hurry up! You won't be in time!
siiˋ caˊ eˋ oi se ngi!
Be careful when driving!
hemˊgie cangˇ caˊ mˇ siiˋ seuˇ tinˇ caˊ mun tiˇ
There won't be any parking problem if we call a taxi.
ngaiˇ dagˋ ngidˋ kiˇ cii hangˇ caˊ songˊ banˊ
I ride the bike to work every day.
kiˇ oˇ do baiˋ oi dai onˊ qionˇ mo
Wear helmet when riding a motorcycle/scooter.
loˋ nginˇ gaˊ coˊ ba siiˋ mˇ siiˋ qienˇ.
It's free for elders to take the bus.
coˊ qiab iun zo mˇ dedˋ siid dungˊ xiˊ.
You can't eat while taking the metro.
coˊ foˋ caˊ oi xienˊ maiˊ peuˊ.
You have to buy the ticket before taking the train.
qiangˋ mun goˊ tiedˋ caˊ teuˇ ngiongˋ eˇ hangˇ?
Can you tell me how could I get to the high-speed railway station?
coˊ biˊ hangˇ giˊ ka giagˋ.
It's faster to take a plane.
hiedˋ kun idˋ ha !
Let's take a break!