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anˋ giuˋ moˇ kon doˋ!
It's been a while!
anˋ zoˋ!
Good morning!
siid bauˋ mangˇ?
Have you eaten? (How are you?)
anˋ giuˋ hoˋ moˇ?
How have you been?
anˋ ziiˋ se!
Thank you!
mˇ siiˋ se ngi!
You're welcome!
siidˋ liˊ!
paiˇ se!
Excuse me!
moˇ guanˊ he!
It's okay!
bai togˋ nˇ!
qiangˋ mun song xiang?
What's your surname? (What's your name?)
ngaiˇ xiang vongˇ,onˊ do tai minˇ.
I'm Wong, my name is Tai Min.
sangˊ ngidˋ kuai log!
Happy birthday!
xinˊ ngienˇ kuai log!
Happy new year!
giungˊ hiˋ fadˋ coiˇ!
May you be prosperous!
siinˊ tiˋ kongˊ kien!van sii iˇ i!
I wish you good health and great fortune!