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hanˇ dedˋ nginˇ xiagˋ oˊ!
So adorable!
hanˇ dedˋ nginˇ nauˊ oˊ!
So annoying!
nˇ hanˇ kiang oˊ!
You're genius!
nai iuˊ!moˇ iangˋ laˇ!
It's nothing! I'm flattered!
ngaiˇ oi nˇ!
I love you!
giˇ fadˋ kienˋ eˇ!
He/She is mad!
ngaiˇ dongˊ kioi!
I'm exhausted!
ngaiˇ dongˊ tiong!
I'm so happy!
giaˊ loˋ gungˊ dongˊ ienˇ dauˇ.
Her husband is so handsome.
ngiaˊ buˊ ngiongˇ dongˊ jiangˊ!
Your wife is so beautiful!