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nˇ siid zeuˊ mangˇ?
Have you had breakfast?
siib ngi diamˋ,hoˋsiid zu eˇ!
It's noon, time for lunch.
siid bauˋ ia kiung ha loiˇ hi ongˇ gieˊ hoˋ moˇ?
Let's go shopping after dinner?
loiˇ hi diamˋ ximˊ diam siid diamˋ ximˊ!
Let's go get some snacks at snack bars!
nˇ voi duˋ giˊ moˇ?
Are you hungry?
ngaiˇ mˇ voi duˋ giˊ.
I'm not hungry.
ngaiˇ duˋ giˊ eˇ!
I'm hungry!
ngaiˇ siid bauˋ eˇ!
I'm already full!
nˇ oi siid magˋ ge?
What do you like to eat?
qinˋ caiˋ.
Anything will do.
tai gaˊ kiung ha loiˇ hi daˋ deu xi!
Let's dine together!
am buˊ ia loiˇ ngaˊ vugˋ kaˊ bunˊ ngaiˇ qiangˋ
Come to my house tonight. The dinner's on me.
hanˇ pongˇ pai oˊ!
Such a feast!
mog siid tedˋ doˊ!
Don't eat too much!
iaˋ miˊ ngˇ eˋ dongˊ qiˊ!
This fish is so fresh!
ngaiˇ zoi zauˊ ,xiongˋ siid caˇ .
I'm thirsty. I want to drink.