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Mewɔ sukuu
I am at school
Mewɔ fie
I am at home
Mewɔ dan no mu
I am in the building
Me wɔ wo fie
I am in your house
Mewɔ wo nkyɛn
I am by your side
Wowɔ me fie
You are in my home
Ɔwɔ dan no so
She is on top of the building
Ɔwɔ mpa no so
She is on the bed
Wowɔ dan no mu
You are in the building
Mewɔ sukuu no mu
I am in the school
Mewɔ sukuu dan no mu
I am in the school building
Wowɔ me nkyɛn
You are by my side