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Kofi yɛ ɔbarima
Kofi is a male
Kofi yɛ abranteɛ
Kofi is a young man
Kofi wɔ asɔre
Kofi is at church
Ama yɛ ɔbaa
Ama is a female
Ama yɛ ababaawa
Ama is a young woman
Ama wɔ fie
Ama is at home
Ama wɔ adwuma mu
Ama is at work
Kofi wɔ me nkyɛn
Kofi is by my side
Kofi wɔ Ama nkyɛn
Kofi is by Ama's side
Stacy wɔ me nkyɛn
Stacy is by my side
Paul yɛ ɔbarima
Paul is a male
Paul yɛ akɔkora
Paul is an old man
Paul wɔ Stacy nkyɛn
Paul is by Stacy's side