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M'adamfo no yɛ sukuuni. Ɔkɔ sukuu
My friend is a student. He goes to school
Ɔnkɔ adwuma efisɛ ɔyɛ sukuuni.
He doesn't go to work because he is a student
Menyɛ ɔbarima. Meyɛ ɔbaa
I'm not a male. I'm a female
Meyɛ ɔkɔkora. Nanso mekɔ sukuu
I am an old man. But I go to school
Wose woyɛ aberewa? Dabi, ɛnyɛ saa
Did you say you're an old woman? No that's not right
Mekɔ sukuu. Nanso mekɔ adwuma nso
I'm go to school. But I go to work too
Adɛn? Woyɛ akɔkora?
Why? Are you an old man?
Efisɛ meyɛ ɔpanyin
Because I'm an adult
Aane, woyɛ me dɔ
Yes, you're my love
Me dɔ wo. Efisɛ woyɛ me biribiara
I love you. Because you're my everything
Ɔyɛ m'adamfo baako pɛ
He's my one and only friend