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Meredi agorɔ
I'm playing
I'm talking
I'm eating
Mereto nnwom
I'm singing
Meredi ɛmo
I'm eating rice
Merekɔ adwuma
I'm going to work
Meresi me ba no wɔ sukuu
I'm dropping off my child at school
Merekɔ me yere no adwuma mu hɔ
I'm going to my wife's workplace
Mereba seesei ara
I'm coming right now
Mereba wo nkyɛn
I'm coming to you
You're talking
Woredi dɛn?
What are you eating?
Worehwɛ sini?
Are you watching a movie?
Worekɔ wo ba no sukuu mu?
Are you going to your child's school?
Woresua dɛn?
What are you learning?
Meresua Twi
I'm learning Twi