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I went
I came
Ɔkɔeɛ ɛnnera, na ɔbaeɛ ɛnnɛ anɔpa
He went yesterday, and he came this morning
Wɔbaeɛ ɛnnera anwummerɛ
They came last night
Modidiiɛ anɔpa no?
Did you (plural) eat in the morning?
Mekaeɛ sɛ...
I said that...
He went
Ɔkɔɔ adwuma ɛnnɛ
He went to work today
Mokɔɔ sukuu ɛnnera
You (plural) went to school today
Mekɔɔ fie
I went home
Wokɔɔ ɛdan no so
You went on top of the building
Mokɔɔ he?
Where did you (plural) go?
Yɛkɔɔ adidibea hɔ
We went to the restaurant
Yɛkɔɔ sukuu mu hɔ
We went to the school
Wɔbaa agyananbea hɔ
They came to the toilet
Wofii agyananbea hɔ
They left the toilet