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Maba adidibea hɔ
I have come to the restaurant
Mafi adidibea hɔ
I have left the restaurant
Woaba Ghana?
Have you come to Ghana?
Woafi abansoro no mu?
Have you left the storey building?
Wafi abansoro no mu
She has gotten out the storey building
Wakɔ wo sukuu mu hɔ
He has gone into your school
Woakɔ wo sukuu mu hɔ
You have gone into your school
Woafa me nhoma no?
Have you taken my book?
Wafa me nhoma no?
Has he taken my book?
Woahu me mpaboa no?
Have you seen my shoe?
Wahu me mpaboa no?
Has he seen my shoe?
Mafa yɛn sika no
I have taken our money
Mate wo nnwom no
I have heard your song
Yɛate nnwom no
We have heard the song
Yɛahwɛ sini no
We have watched the movie
Yɛaboa wo paa
We have helped you a lot
Moaboa me paa
You (plural) have helped me a lot
Moate biribiara
You (plural) have heard everything
Woayɛ biribiara!
You've nailed it!
Woasɛe hɔ!
You've nailed it!