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How the grammar works (John's apple method)

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Az alma piros.
The apple is red.
Ez John almája.
It is John's apple.
Odaadom Johnnak az almát.
I give John the apple.
Odaadjuk neki az almát.
We give him the apple.
Odaadja Johnnak. (férfi adja – male gives it)
He gives it to John.
Odaadja neki. (nő adja – female gives it)
She gives it to him.
Piros az alma?
Is the apple red?
Az almák pirosak.
The apples are red.
Oda kell adnom neki. (férfinek - to a male)
I must give it to him.
Oda akarom adni neki. (nőnek – to a female)
I want to give it to her.
Holnap tudni fogom
I'm going to know tomorrow.
Nem ehetem meg az almát
I can't eat the apple.