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connected with the area around the sexual organs
small insects that live on people’s skin and in their hair
call a spade a spade
to say very directly what you think about someone or something even if this is rude
have your cake and eat it too
to do or get two good things at the same time, esp. things that are not usually possible to have together
not hold a candle to
to not be as good as someone or something else
chip on your shoulder
an angry attitude from someone who feels unfairly treated
close, but no cigar
used for telling someone that they have failed, although their attempt, guess etc was almost successful
cook the books
to give false information in a company's accounts in order to gain an advantage
cut to the chase
to start dealing with the most important aspect of something rather than things that are less relevant
dead in the water
having failed and very unlikely to have any success in the future