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non-geographical map
a map not related to the actual landscape or topography
Harry Beck
Designed the London Underground map
Alberto Alessi
Not a designer himself, but allowed creative designs to be produced
Jock Kinnear and Margaret Calvert
came up with the simple designs for road signs
Wally Olins
A brand consultant
Robert Sabuda
Created pop-up books using paper engineering
A logo or image associated by the public with a product
corporate image
The branding of a company
corporate identity
The qualities and values an association wishes to be associated with and recognized by, and its signage, products and public appearances
mechanical books
Books that have movement and actions built into them
non-topological map
a map not related to the actual landscape or topography (not non-geographical)
Harry Beck's career
(The) London Underground Map
Harry Beck is famous for designing
aesthetics, function
Alessi's designs favoured ____ over ____
the name of the font that Kinnear and Calvert created
European road signs
Kinnear and Calvert used these for inspiration