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thermochromatic (materials)
materials which change colour using temperature
photochromatic (materials)
materials which change colour using light
electrochromatic (materials)
materials which change colour according to electrical input
hydrochromatic (materials)
materials which change colour using water
phosphorescent (materials)
materials which absorb light during the day and glow at night
peat, PET
a biodegradable material that can be used for plantable plant pots
A plastic type substance that becomes soft when heated. Can be moulded into any shape then becomes solid when cool.
Uses tiny black and white beads which act as the background and foreground
starch based, environmentally friendly polymer that decomposes
balsa wood
Although classified as a hardwood, it is very soft and easy to cut and shape. However, it is easily broken or snapped and therefore great care is needed when cutting and shaping.
injection moulding
A process in which hot liquid plastic is injected by force into a mould
modern materials
materials invented in the last 50 years
light sensitive sunglasses
a use of photochromatic materials
car rear mirrors
a use of electrochromatic materials
watering plant pots
a use of hydrochromatic materials
a use of phosphorescent materials
smart material
a material that responds to a stimulus and then returns to its initial state once it is removed
cornstarch polymers
made from crops, these replace oil based thermoplastics and are biodegradable
food packaging
a use of cornstarch polymers
made of corn based polymers and paper fibers, this is a recyclable material for CD and DVD inserts
corn based polymers, paper fibers
paperfoam is made of this
CD inserts, DVD inserts
a use of paperfoam
biodegradable within 8 days, this is used for coffee filters and envelopes
paper fiber, wood pulp
Lyocell is made of this
coffee filters, envelopes
a use of Lyocell
60 (degrees celsius)
the temperature at which polymorph softens
the use of polymorph
Precious Metal Clays
PMC stands for
This much of PMCs is metal
room temperature
the temperature at which PMCs can be moulded
Nano technology
changing materials on an atomic level
cheaper, lighter, more precise, stronger
Nano technology can make materials more ___
computer chips
nano technology can be used to make this
balsa cement
used to join balsa wood
acrylic cement
used to join acrylic
(a) well-ventilated area
most adhesives need to be used in __
epoxy resin
an adhesive that can be used to join everything
glue gun
used to join most materials apart from expanded polystyrene, that can burn your hands
bio plastic
a biodegradable plant based plastic that can be used for food packaging
a flexible material used for card covers and medical supports