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The Planets Of The Solar System

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A very small planet, about the size of the USA. It is the closest planet to the sun, circling it at around 36 million miles. Its temprature is 800*F during daytime and -290*F at nighttime.
A planet nearly the size of earth. It is dotted with thousands of volcanoes. Maxwell Montes is a volcanoe nearly the size of Mount Everest. It traps the Sun's heat making it the hottest planet in the Solar System. It is over 880*F.
The only planet known with life. 4.5B years ago the earth formed from leftovers from the sun forming. It is the 3rd planet from the sun. It circles the sun at around 93million miles.
4.5B years ago gas and dust swirled together to form the red planet. It is 4th from the sun and the 2nd smallest planet it is about the size of AFRICA. it has the largest volcanoe in the solar system.
A planet made from star dust 4.5B years ago. It is 5th planet from the sun and also the first planet to form. It is 11 earth's wide and also has a storm 2 times earth's size It is the largest planet in the solar system
The planet that is 2nd largest in the solar system. It is as wide as 10 earth's. It is the lightest planet in the solar system it is so light it will float if put on a big enough ocean.
It is the 7th from the sun. It is 20 times the distance from the earth to the sun. it is the coldest planet in the solar system.
It is the 7th planet from the sun. It has winds that travel at 1200 MPH. It has 6 rings.