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Other Things in The Solar System 2.

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Asteroid belt
A region located in between mars and jupiter and home to many debris.
Kuiper belt
A region outside the orbit of neptune. It extends from neptune's orbit about 30 astronomical units.
Oort cloud
A region around the sun were here is icy debris. It is 3 light years away from the sun.
A dwarf planet found in the asroid belt it is smaller than the moon and it is heavly craterd
It is the first large object found in the kuiper belt. It is 39 astronomical units from the sun.It has 5 moons
It is located in the kuiper belt and it may have life.
An egg shaped dwarf planet it is like that because it rotates very fast. It has 2 moons.
It is more massive than all the other dwarf planets and it is found on the edge of the kuiper belt.