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(adj) relating to education, especially education in colleges and universities: The book brings together several academic subjects.
(adj) not relating to a real situation, and therefore not relevant: Given the lack of funding, any discussion of future plans was somewhat academic.
(n) someone who teaches or does research at a college or university: The meeting was chaired by a leading Japanese academic.
(adj) working hard and being careful to do things well: Simon is a very conscientious worker.
(v) to study hard in order to learn a lot in a short time, especially for an examination: My exams are in two weeks, so I'm cramming at the moment.
(n) the subjects that students study at a particular school or college: Our mathematics curriculum is much broader now.
Distance learning
(n phr) a system in which students work at home with the help of television and radio broadcasts and send work to their teachers by post or e-mail: Are you doing the course by distance learning
(n) someone who has a degree from a university: There aren't many careers for history graduates.
(v) to complete your studies at a university or college, usually by getting a degree: He graduated from Yale Umvers1ty m 1936.
(adj) not knowing something that you should know or need to know: I was ignorant of the terms used in business.
(adj) not giving much attention to someone or something: I hate speaking in front of an inattentive audience.
(adj) relating to the ability to think in an intelligent way and to understand things, especially difficult or complicated ideas and subjects: Students were asked which task represented the greatest intellectual challenge.
(adj) well educated and interested in art, science, literature, etc at an advanced level: Though not intellectual, my mother was highly intelligent.
(n) someone who is well educated and interested in art, science, literature, etc at an advanced level: Though not an intellectual, my mother was highly intelligent.
(adj) good at thinking clearly and quickly, at understanding difficult ideas and subjects, and at gaining and using knowledge: Surely an intelligent person like you can deal with this.
(adj) involving a lot of teaching or training in a short time: It's an intensive language course for beginners.
(adj) knowing a lot about many different subjects or about one particular subject: He's extremely knowledgeable about business and finance.
(n) a talk to a group of people about a particular subject, especially at a college or university: The course will be taught through a series of lectures and seminars.
(v) to give a lecture or a series of lectures: She lectures on Greek Literature at the Sorbonne.
Mock exam
(n phr) an examination you take for practice before an important examination: We've got our mock GCSE exams next month.
(v) to take someone else's work, ideas or words, abused them as if they were your own: They accused her of plagiarising her speech.
(n) work that you do without the help of a teacher: I have to do a lot of self-study on this course.
(n) a class at a college or university in which a small group of students discusses a subject with a teacher: We had a very interesting seminar on climate change.
Special needs
(n phr) the particular needs of people who are physically or mentally disabled: If a student has special needs, he or she will be offered additional classes.
(n) the work that a teacher does when they teach a particular subject, especially to one person or a small group: He's been getting private tuition in French.
(n) a lesson in which a small group of students discuss a subject with a tutor, especially at a university or college: We had a very interesting tutorial on climate change.