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(n) a strong need that someone feels to regularly take an illegal or harmful drug: I developed an addiction to the medicine my doctor had prescribed for me.
(v) to love someone/something very much: I absolutely adore Indian food!
(n) a feeling of excitement about something enjoyable that is going to happen soon: I waited in anticipation for the show to begin.
(v) to ask people to do something or to behave in a particular way, especially in a difficult situation: The Minister has appealed for people not to panic.
(v) if something appeals to you, you like it or want it: A holiday in Ireland doesn't really appeal to me.
(n) a quality that something has that makes people like it or want it: It's difficult to explain the appeal of this book.
(n) a request for people to do something or to behave in a particular way: Police have made an appeal for witnesses to come forward.
(adj) not based on any particular plan or done for any particular reason: The choice of date for the wedding was just arbitrary.
(n) something that you want to achieve, or the wish to achieve something: One of my aspirations is to travel the world.
(v) if you cannot bear something, you cannot accept or do it because it makes you very unhappy: I can't bear waiting in queues.
(adj) something that is compulsory must be done because of a rule or law: This course is compulsory for all students.
(adj) happy and satisfied with your life: I'm quite content working here.
(n) a very strong feeling of wanting something: I had a sudden craving for chocolate ice cream.
(v) to say politely that you will not accept something or do something: The Prime Minister declined to answer questions.
(v) to become less or worse: The service in this hotel has really declined over the last couple of years.
(adj) spending all your time and effort on something: Kelly's very dedicated to her job and should go far.
(v) to give someone a lot of enjoyment or pleasure: I was delighted by the decision.
(v) to want something: It's quite common for people to desire what they can't have.
(n) a strong feeling of wanting to have or do something: She had a strong desire to work in the media.
(v) to spend a lot of time or effort doing something: Gordon's absolutely devoted to his kids.
(v) to use something such as money for a particular purpose: The government has devoted £10 million to the project.
(v) to see or show a difference between things: I'm colour blind so I have problems differentiating between red and green.
(v) to have the unhappy feeling of wanting to be like someone else or have what they have: Carla's brother envied her success and wealth.
(n) the unhappy feeling you have when you want very much to do something that someone else does or have something that they have: Envy can destroy a relationship.
(v) to want to have or do something: Where do you fancy going tonight?
(n) the state of being very interested in something or attracted by something: Carol's always had a fascination with insects.
(v) to support an idea and believe that it is better than other ideas that have been suggested: I favour the first suggestion.
(v) to help someone and give them an advantage in an unfair way: It's not fair to favour one student over another.
(n) something that you do for someone in order to help them: I don't suppose you could do me a favour, could you?
(adj) wanting more money, things or power than you need: Maybe being sick will teach you not to be so greedy next time.
(n) a sudden strong feeling that you must do something: I couldn't resist the impulse to kiss her.
(adj) feeling that you want to do something: I am inclined to agree with you.
(n) a feeling of enjoying or liking something: I developed a liking for Chinese food when I lived there.
(adj) average or below average in quality: The restaurant was quite expensive, and the food was only mediocre.
(n) the reason you do something: What was the murderer's motive?
(adj) ordinary and not interesting or exciting, especially because it happens too regularly: I'm thinking of changing jobs because working in the office has become quite mundane.
(adj) considering someone or something as so important that you are always thinking about them, in a way that seems extreme to other people: Oliver is totally obsessed with football.
(adj) something that is optional is available or possible if you want it, but you do not have to have it or do it: The sunroof is optional on this car, so you have to pay extra.
(n) a strong enthusiasm or interest: Alice had a passion for cooking.
(v) to express strong approval or admiration for someone or something, especially in public: I felt proud when the teacher praised my work.
(n) an expression of strong approval or admiration: Praise usually works far better than criticism.
(v) to make a formal decision, usually after a discussion and a vote at a meeting: The Company resolved to appoint a new managing director.
(v) to give up something important or valuable so that you or other people can do or have something else: We've had to sacrifice a lot to put our children through private school.
(n) the act of giving up something important or valuable so that you or other people can do or have something else: We all have to make sacrifices now that both your mother and I are out of work.
(v) to make a lot of effort to achieve something: You won't achieve your goals unless you strive towards them.
(n) the ability to judge if something is good or bad in things like art, fashion and social behaviour: Michael really has no taste in clothes.
(adj} used for describing something that makes you feel you would like to have it or do it: It's very tempting to blame the government for everything that goes wrong.
(v) to advise someone very strongly about what action or attitude they should take: I would urge you to speak to a lawyer.
(n) a strong feeling of wanting or needing to do something: I suddenly felt an urge to run from the room.
(v) to say that you are pleased to accept or consider something such as an opportunity or a question: We welcome the government's proposals.
(adj) if you are welcome or a welcome visitor at a place, people are pleased that you are there: We were made to feel very welcome.
(adj) if something is worthwhile, it is worth the time, money or effort that you spend on it: Why don't you watch less TV and do something more worthwhile with your time?
(v) to want something a lot, especially something that you know you may not be able to have: Many people yearn to retire to the country, but not everyone manages it.