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(n) a discovery or achievement that comes after a lot of hard work: Scientists have finally made the breakthrough they were hoping for.
(adj) able to send different types of communication signals at the same time: You need a broadband connection to watch the video.
(n) a high-speed Internet connection: Have you got broadband at home yet?
(v) to make a computer do something by pressing a button on the mouse: Click here for more results.
(adj) with a lot of details or small parts, which makes something difficult to understand or deal with: The issue is too complex for simple solutions.
Consumer electronics
(n phr) electrical equipment, such as digital cameras, etc., which is available for the public to buy: There's just so much choice in the world of consumer electronics these days.
(v) to make or produce something skilfully: You can see that this basket was crafted by a real expert.
(n) a traditional skill of making things by hand, for example furniture or jewellery: It's a shame that traditional crafts are fast disappearing.
(n) information in a form that a computer can use: Imagine how much data passes over the Internet each day.
(v) to move information to your computer from a computer system or the Internet: Listen to this song I downloaded from The Internet.
(n) a downloaded computer file: When your download has finished, close this window.
(n) a set of information on a computer: Make sure you save the file somewhere.
(games) console
(n phr) a small piece of electronic equipment that you connect to a screen, used for playing video games: There's a lot of competition between manufacturers of games consoles.
(adj) operated by people rather than automatically or using computers: The pilot switched to manual control as the plane approached the runway.
(n) a book containing instructions for doing something, especially for operating a machine: See what it says about this problem in the manual.
(v) to connect computers together so that each computer can send and receive information to and from the other computers: We've networked all the computers in the office so that we can send files to each other more easily.
(n) a set of computers that are connected to each other so that each computer can send and receive information to and from the other computers: There seems to be a virus on the network.
(adj) relating to energy produced by changing the structure of the central part of an atom: Nuclear power is the only way we can meet our energy needs.
(adj) working on a computer but not connected to the Internet: Download it now and you can read it when you are offline.
(adv) working on a computer but not connected to the Internet: You need to go offline to stop the virus spreading.
(adj) connected to or available through a computer or a computer network, especially the Internet: I've started an online library of songs.
(adv) on the Internet: You can find what you need online.
(adj) at a very simple stage of development, before modern technology: Da Vinci drew pictures of what we might see as a primitive helicopter.
(n) someone whose job is to create computer programs: I'd like to be a programmer and work on computer games.
(n) something you can use to help you to achieve something, especially in your work or study: The main resource for my research was the library.
(n) a method of doing something using a special skill that you have developed: I've worked out a new technique to get the computer to do what I want.
(v) to send documents or programs from your computer to a larger system using the Internet: I'm just uploading something to my website.