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(adj) sudden and unexpected, often in an unpleasant way: Our friendship came to an abrupt end.
(n) something that is no longer suitable for or relevant to modern times: She regards the marriage ceremony as a quaint anachronism.
(adj) happening once a year: We've got our annual conference next month.
(adj) calculated or considered over a period of one year: You'll receive an annual salary of €100,000.
(adj) old and valuable: We offer a wide range of antique furniture.
(n) an old object such as a piece of furniture or jewellery that is valuable because it is rare, beautiful or well made: The desk is an antique.
(n) a period of 100 years, usually counted from a year ending in -00. For example, the 20th century is the period from 1900 to 1999: His family has ruled Morocco since the 17th century.
(adj) arranged or described in the order in which events happened: The paintings are presented in chronological order.
(adj) modern or relating to the present time: I'm not very keen on contemporary art.
(adj) alive or existing at the same time as a particular event or person: Contemporary sources offer a very different interpretation.
(n) someone alive at the same time as a particular event or person: Most of his contemporaries regarded him as a mere eccentric.
(n) a period of ten years, especially one beginning with a year that ends in a 0, for example 1990 to 1999: Prices have risen sharply in the last decade.
(n) the period of time during which something continues to happen or exist: The duration of the film is 110 minutes.
(v) if time elapses, it passes: Another hour elapsed and still the wind continued to howl.
(n) a period of time that has a particular quality or character: We are living in an era in which technology is developing very rapidly.
(adj) continuing for ever or for a very long time: She has earned our eternal gratitude.
(v) if an agreement, offer or official document expires, the period of time during which it exists or can be used comes to an end: The loan offer is due to expire this week.
(n) the number of times that something happens during a period of time: Changes in sea temperature will increase the frequency of hurricanes.
(adj) immediate: Recently developed medical tests can give instantaneous results.
(adj) intended to last or perform an activity only until someone or something permanent or final is available: This is only an interim report.
(n) the time between one thing happening and another, or while waiting for something permanent or final to become available: In the interim between John Smith dying and Tony Blair becoming leader, Margaret Beckett acted as leader of the Labour Party.
(n) a period of time between two events: The normal interval between our meetings is six weeks.
(n) a short break between the parts of something such as a play or concert: How long is the interval?
(n) a short or temporary period when you fail or forget to do things in the right way: The man admitted driving over the speed limit and apologised for the lapse.
(n) a period of time between two events: There was a lapse of ten years between his visits.
(v) to stop gradually or for a short time: At this point the waiter came up with Maggie's drink and conversation lapsed.
(v) if an official document, decision or right lapses, it is no longer effective: The permit was extended for another year before being left to lapse.
(n) the period of time when someone is alive: He achieved a lot in his short lifetime.
(n) the length of time that something exists or works: There are plans to extend the lifetime of the power station.
(adj) having existed for a long time: There's a long-standing tradition in our family of giving presents on Christmas Eve.
(n) a period of 1,000 years or the beginning of a period of 1,000 years: People celebrating the millennium filled the streets.
(adj) no longer used because of being replaced by something newer and more effective: Most computer hardware rapidly becomes obsolete
(adj) if something is overdue, it should have arrived, been done, been paid, etc. before now: This change in attitude is long overdue.
(n) an amount of time during which something happens: The long dry period ended with torrential rain.
(adj) happening or existing for a long time or for all time in the future: She suffered permanent brain damage as a result of the accident.
(n) a particular period of time during the development of something: The war was about to enter its final phase.
(v) to decide that something will not be done at the time when it was planned for, but at a later time: Our exam has been postponed until next Monday.
(adj) happening, existing or done before a particular time: Illegally parked cars may be removed at any time without prior notice.
(adj) immediate or quick: Prompt action is required.
(adj) happening or arriving at exactly a particular time: The meeting got off to a prompt start at ten o'clock.
adj) intended to be temporary, and likely to be changed when other arrangements are made: The provisional government lasted three months.
(adj) if an arrangement is provisional, the people involved have not yet said that they definitely want to do it: We've made a provisional reservation for next week.
(adj) arriving or happening at the time agreed on: Mrs Marsh liked her guests to be punctual.
(adj) available only during a particular time of year: The work was well paid but seasonal.
(adj) suitable or typical of the time of year it is now: We needed to find some seasonal music.
(adj) happening or done at the same time: In simultaneous announcements, the two men resigned from their jobs.
(n) the amount of time that something lasts: Nearly 100 witnesses testified over a span of 20 days.
(v) to last for a particular period of time, especially a long period: His career spanned half a century.
(n) a period of time, usually a short one: I had a two-week spell in hospital.
(n) a period of time spent doing something: He came to California after a brief stint as a waiter in New York.
(adj) happening or coming after something else: In subsequent interviews, Steele has contradicted his original story.
(adj) existing, done or used for only a limited period of time: These measures are only temporary.
(adj) happening at the most suitable time: Thanks to the UN's timely intervention, a crisis was avoided.
(adj) vintage wine is excellent in quality and was made several years ago: let's get some vintage champagne!
(adj) a vintage object or vehicle is old, but kept in good condition because it is interesting or attractive: My father has a number of vintage motorcycles.
(adj) showing the best or most typical qualities of someone: She turned in a vintage display of tennis to win the title.
(n) all of the wine produced in a particular year, or the year it was produced: This year's vintage will be the best in many years.
(n) the time when something was produced: He's got a collection of guns of all types and vintages.