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(n) a company that owns aircraft and takes people or goods by plane from one place to another: I've applied for a job with another airline.
(n) things that are being sent by ship, plane, train or truck: It took them all morning to load the cargo.
(n) one of the vehicles that are joined together to make a train: The carriage was practically empty when we got on the train.
(v) to hire a boat, plane or bus, especially for use by a group of people: We decided to charter a plane to take us deeper into the Amazon.
(v) to travel regularly to and from work: I'm getting fed up with commuting every day.
(n) the place where someone or something is going: We were all exhausted when we finally reached our destination.
(n) someone who walks for long distances in the countryside for pleasure: A group of hikers came over the hill.
(n) someone who travels by asking other people to take them in their car, by standing at the side of a road and holding out their thumb or a sign: We picked up a hitchhiker outside Oxford.
Jet lag
(n) the feeling of being very tired and sometimes confused because you have travelled quickly on a plane across parts of the world where the time is different: Polly was suffering from jet lag for a few days.
(n) the amount of space in front of your seat in which you can stretch your legs: let's go business class because you get more legroom.
(v) to put a load onto or into something such as a vehicle or container: load up the van, and then you can get going.
(n) the goods that a vehicle carries: Try to spread the load evenly inside the lorry.
(n) someone who is walking past a place, especially when an accident or violent event happens: The accident was reported to police by a passerby.
(n) someone who is walking, especially in a town or city, instead of driving or riding: Pedestrians need to be particularly careful at this crossing.
(n) a structure built out from the land over water and used for getting on and off boats: We walked along the pier and jumped into the boat.
(v) to fly an aircraft: I wonder what it's like to pilot a jet.
(n) someone who flies an aircraft: The pilot announced that we were about to hit bad weather.
(n) a hard surface next to a sea or river, where boats can stop: There were fishing boats all along the quay.
Return fare
(n phr) the money you pay for a journey to and from a place: The return fare into town is about a pound.
Round trip
(n phr) an occasion when you go somewhere and come back to your starting point again: The round trip took me about four days.
(v) to control the direction in which a vehicle moves: You steer the hang-glider by moving your weight from side to side.
(n) a man whose job is to look after the passengers on a plane, train or ship, especially serving them with food and drink: The steward brought me a blanket.