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variants of the verb 'to be'

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tha mi
I am
bha mi
I was
bidh mi
I will be
I would be
bhiodh tu
you would be
bhitheadh tu
you would be (emphatic)
we would be
we would be (emphatic)
a bhith
to be
a bheil mi?
Am I?
chan eil mi
I am not
nach eil mi?
am I not?
an robh mi?
was I?
cha robh mi
I was not
nach robh mi?
was I not?
am bi mi?
will I be?
cha bhi mi
I will not be
nach bi mi?
will I not be?
am bithinn?
would I be?
am biodh tu?
would you be?
am bitheadh tu?
would you be? (emphatic)
cha bhithinn
I would not be
cha bhiodh tu
you would not be
cha bhitheadh tu
you would not be (emphatic)
cha bhiomaid
we would not be
cha bhitheamaid
we would not be (emphatic)
nach bithinn?
would I not be?
nach biodh tu?
would you not be?
nach bitheadh tu?
would you not be? (emphatic)
ma bhios mi
if I will be
ma bhios tu
if you will be
ma bhitheas e
if he will be (emphatic)
ged a bhios mi
although I will be
a bhios
who / which / that will be
mur bi mi
if I will not be
mur bi thu
if you will not be
ged nach bi mi
although I will not be
nach bi
who / which / that will not be