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Rhaid iddi hi
She must
Rhaid i Ann/ i'r plant
Ann / the children must
Rhaid i ni
We must
Rhaid i chi
You must (chi)
Rhaid iddyn nhw
They must
Ar ôl i mi orffen
After I finish
Ar ôl i ti orffen
After you finish(ti)
Cyn iddo fo ddweud ‘ta-ta’
Before he says ‘ta ta’
Cyn iddi hi fynd
Before she goes
Cyn i ni ddechrau pacio
Before we start packing
Cyn i chi ddechrau poeni
Before you start to worry (chi)
Cyn iddyn nhw fynd
Before they go
who are you (chi)
pwy dach chi
where do you live (chi)
Lle dach chi'n byw
do you work (chi)
dach chi'n gwaithio