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roedd hi
she/it was
oedd hi
was she/it
doedd hi ddim
she/it wasn't
rôn i'n sal ddoe
I was ill yesterday
dôn i ddim
I wasn't
oeddet ti?
were you? (ti)
oeddech chi?(chi)
were you? (chi)
mi es i allan
I went out
Lle est ti?
where did you go? (ti)
Lle aethoch chi (chi)
where did you go? (chi)
Sut aeth y dosbarth?
How did the class go?
Aethon ni ddim
we didn't go
Aethoch chi (Do/yes)
did you go (yes/chi)
Mae 'na
there is/there are
Oes 'na
is there/are there
Pwy sy 'na
Who is there?
Be sy 'na
what is there?
Faint sy 'na
How much is there/how many is there
Roedd 'na
there was/there were
oedd 'na
was there/were there
doedd 'na ddim
there wasn't /there weren't
pwy oedd 'na
who was there
faint oedd 'na
how much was there/how many were there
helpwch eich hun
help yourself
dowch yfory
come tomorrow
snam (heard)
does 'na ddim
i mi
for me/to me
i ti
for you/to you
iddo fo
for him/to him
iddi hi
for her/to her
i ni
for us /to us
i chi
for you/to you
iddyn nhw
for them/to them
i bawb
for everybody
i John
for john
i'r bos
for the boss
oes rhaid i mi
do I have to
does dim rhaid i mi
I don't have to