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How loud it is
The clear pronunciation of words
Audience Awareness
Knowing where the audience is while on stage
The process of planning where, when, and how actors will move about the stage during a performance
Body Language
The way in which our bodies communicate our own or a character's attitudes.
People represented in the play, or the illusion of being a human person while on stage.
How clear the voice is
Cross Cutting
Where two or more scenes which are performed on stage at the same time and/or intercut with each other.
Two or more people talking to each other during a scene
When sounds or words are stressed to highlight their meaning
Stage direction denoting someone coming onto the stage
To review
Stage direction denoting someone leaving the stage.
Facial Expression
Using your face to show what your character is feeling
A shift in a narrative to an earlier event that interrupts the normal chronological development of a story
To speak without pause, hesitation or uncertainty
The concentration of meaning and the giving of shape to experience in order to form drama.
Focus (2)
The specific point of attention on stage at any moment created by the shaping of any aspect or aspects of the dramatic experience in such a way as to purposefully direct the attention of the audience.
Focus (3)
Personal concentration and commitment to the role and action.