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رَفَع - بِرْفَع
To Lift, Raise - I Lift, Raise
زاد - بزيد
To Add, Increase - I Add, Increase
كَذَّب - بكَذِّب
To Lie - I Lie
لاقى - بلاقي
To Find - I Find, To Pick up S/O
حَسّ - بحِسّ
To Feel, Sense - I Feel, Sense
فيَّق - بفيِّق
To Wake Someone Up - I Wake Someone Up
بَرَم - بِبْرُم
To Turn Around, Rotate
فَسَّر - بفَسِّر
To Explain - I Explain *Can mean to explain deeper
باع - بّيع
To Sell - I Sell
نَقَل - بِنْقُل
To Move - I Move *From one place to another *Copy, Cheat in class
بْتَسَم - ببْتِسِم
To Smile - I Smile
تْطَلَّع - بتْطَّلَّع في/بِ/على
To Look (Stare) - I Look (Stare) *At s/t or s/o
تْفَرّج - بتفرَّج
To Look (Watch) - I Look (Watch) To Spectate - I Spectate *Ex: Look through a book
Tأَخَّر - بأخِّر
o Delay S/O or S/T To Make Late - I Make Late
هتَمّ - بهتَمّ (بِ / في)
To Care For, Regard, Be Concerned with, Be interested in
حَمَل - بحْمُل
To Carry - I Carry
عَطى - بَعْطي
To Give - I Give
نَضَّف - بنَضِّف
To Clean - I Clean
ستَعْجَل - بسْتَعْجِل
To Hurry - I Hurry
جَرَّب - بْجَرِّب
To Try, Experiment, Attempt - I Try, Experiment, Attempt
قِبِل - بِقْبَل
To Accept, Agree - I Accept, Agree
سافَر - بسافِر
To Travel - I Travel
عَدّ - بْعِدّ
To Count - I Count
كَبّ - بْكِبّ
To Spill, Throw away - I Spill, Throw away
قَعَد - بِقْعُد
To Stay, Sit - I Stay, Sit
تعَرَّف - بتعَرَّف
To Meet - I Meet *For 1st Time To Get introduced to *Must use with على
رْتاح - بِرْتاح
To Rest, Relax - I Rest, Relax
سِهِر - بسْهَر
To Stay Awake Late - I Stay Awake Late
تَعَلَّم - بتَعَلَّم
To Learn - I Learn
فَضَّل - بْفَضِّل
To Prefer, Favor - I Prefer, Favor
رِبِح - بِرْبَح
To win, gain - I win, gain
رَتَّب - بْرَتِّب
To Organize, Arrange, Tidy - I Organize, Arrange, Tidy
دَرَّس - بْدَرِّس
To Help s/o Study - I Help s/o Study To Teach - I Teach
عَزَم - بِعْزُم
To Invite - I Invite
نْتَبَه - بِنْتِبِه (لَ)
To Pay Attention, Be Careful
ضَرَب - بِضْرُب
To Hit, beat, crash - I Hit, beat, crash
صَوَّر - بصَوِّر
To Take Picture, xray, photocopy - I Take Picture, xray, photocopy
ردّ - برِدّ
To Reply, Answer, Return s/t - I Reply, Answer, Return s/t
شدّ - بشِدّ
To Tighten, pull - I Tighten, pull
جَبَر - بجْبُر
To Force - I Force *To make s/o do s/t
تزوَّج - بتزوَّج ,تَجوَّز - بتجوَّز
To Marry - I Marry
قَتَل - بقْتُل
To Kill, Murder - I Kill, Murder
ضَيَّع - بْضيِّع
To Lose - I Lose *S/T or S/O
تْعَوَّد - بتعَوَّد
To Become Used to - I Become Used to OR To Become Accustomed to
شتاق - بشْتاق (لَ)
To Miss, long for - I Miss, long for *s/o or s/t
بقي - بِبْقى
To Stay, Remain - I Stay, Remain #3
عْتَقَد - بِعتِقِد
To Think or Believe - I Think or Believe
سَكَت - بِسْكُت
To Be Quiet, Stop Talking OR To Become Silent - I Become Silent
غَيَّر - بْغَيِّر
To Change - I Change
بَعَت - بِبْعَت
To Send, Post - I Send, Post
ظبَّط - بظَبِّط
To Fix, Repair - I Fix, Repair Make S/T Right
صَرَف - بِصْرُف
To Spend/Change Money; Fire S/O; Dismiss
راق - بروق
To become Calm - I become Calm Calm Down
كَمَّل - بْكَمِّل
To Complete - I Complete, To Continue
سَمَح - بِسْمَح (بِ / لَ)
To Allow, Permit - I Allow, Permit
عبَّى - بعبِّي
To Fill - I Fill
دَوَّر - بدَوِّر
To Turn On - I Turn On
ضَوّى - بضوّي
To Turn On - I Turn On *Only - Lights.
طَفّى - بطَفي
To Extinguish (fire); put out; turn off (machine or light)
وِجِع - بوجَع
To be in pain, Ache *Passive
وِقِع - بوقَع
To Fall Down - I Fall Down
تحَسَّن - بتحَسّن
To Improve (Oneself) - I Improve
حَاوَل - بحاَوِل
To Try, Attempt - I Try, Attempt #2
نقَطَع - بيِنقَطَع
To Be Cut Off (Power, Current, Phone line ...) Passive
قَرَّر - بقَرِّر
To Decide - I Decide
أكَّد - بأكِّد
To Confirm, Make Sure - I Confirm, Make Sure, To Assure S/O - I Assure S/O
دَقَر - بدقَر
To Touch - I Touch
سَلَق - بسلُق
To Boil S/T - I Boil S/T *Food only
بَلَع - بِبْلَع
To Swallow - I Swallow
طَعمى - بطعمي
To Feed - I Feed
هَجَم - بهجُم
To Attack - I Attack
بِكي - ببكي
To Cry - I Cry
نَطّ - بنِطّ
To Jump - I Jump
شِبِه - بشبه
To be like - I am like *In Looks, characteristics (Only used in Present or in "used to" form)
علَّق - بعلِّق
To Hang S/T, To Comment on S/T
لاحَظ - بلاحِظ
To Notice, Realize, Observe - I Notice, Realize, Observe
هَرَب - بهْرُب
To Escape, Flee - I Escape, Flee
زَحَط - بزحَط
To Slip - I Slip
وَعَد - بوعد
To Promise - I Promise
زمَّر - بزَمِّر
To Beep, Honk, Blow a horn - I Beep, Honk, Blow a horn (To Complain)
عَيَّط - بعَيِّط (على)
To Yell, Call - I Yell, Call, To Reprove - I Reprove
ضَحَّك - بضحِّك
To Make S/O Laugh - I Make S/O Laugh
بَزَّق - بّزِّق ,بَزَق - ببزُق
To Spit - I Spit
(تخانق - بتخانق (مع
To Fight, Quarrel - I Fight, Quarrel #3
قَنَع - بقنَع
To Convince S/O - I Convince S/O
رَقَص - برقُص
To Dance - I Dance
عَتَّم - (عَتَّمِت)٠
To get Dark (used only with 3rd person feminine singular)
ظَبَط - بُظبَط
To Turn out Right, Fit
حسَّن - بحسِّن
To Improve - I Improve S/T or S/O
حَلَف - بحلُف
To Swear by
حِلِم - بحلَم
To Dream - I Dream
خاف - بخاف (على)
To fear for S/O
خاف - بخاف (من)
To Fear, Be Afraid
خَصّ - بخُصّ
To Belong, Concern
رَقَّص - برَقِّص
To Make S/O Dance
زرَقّ - بزرَق
To Bruise - I Bruise,To become blue
ستَرجى - بستَرجي
To Dare - I Dare
سدَّد - بسَدِّد
To Pay a Debt
(سَوَّد - بسَوِّد (الوِجّ
To Blacken, Darken S/T (Fig.: Embarass, Humiliate S/O if used with "face")
سَيَّف - بسَيِّف
To Save S/T (a File on a Computer, a Phone number . . .)
شِبِع - بشبَع
To Satisfy, To become Full (of Food; Good Things)
شَتِّت (بتشَتّي)٠
To Rain (used only with third person feminine singular)
صَفّ - بصُفّ
To Park (a car); Sort S/T in a row
صفَرّ - بصفَرّ
To become Yellow (leaves, plants) To become pale from fear or sickness (S/O)
ضَرَب - بضرُب (بِ)
To Multiply
طَلَّع - بطَلِّع
To get (S/T of S/O) up or out
عتَذَر - بعتِذِر
To Apologize - I Apologize
عَلّى - بعلِّي
To Raise; Elevate; Put Higher or Louder (sound)
عَنى - بعني
To Mean, Denote, Imply
فَلفَل (بتفَلفِل / بِفَلفِلو)٠
To Leave (All people leaving at once - third person fem. or pl.)
فَوَّق - بفَوِّق
To Remind S/O
كَفّى - بكَفّي
To Complete (a task, a work); To Continue doing S/T, To Suffice, Be Enough
مَزَح - بمزَح
To Joke, Kid - I Joke, Kid
مَزمَز - بمَزمِز
To Sip or Grab a bite Slowly
نجَبَر - بنجِبِر
To Be Forced; Bound to do S/T
نِصِح - بنصَح
To Gain Weight, Become Fat
نكَسَر - بنكِسِر
To Be Broken
نَوى - - بنوي
To Intend, Plan, Mean
هَدّى - بهَدّي
To Grasp, Hold, Hold S/O back
هَضَّم - بهَضِّم
To Digest (Food)
هَلَك - بهْلُك
To Ruin, Wipe out, Destroy Gradually (Health, Car, House...)