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أَتاحَ / يُتْيِحُ
to provide, to grant
لَقَحَ / يَلْقَحُ
to inoculate, to vaccinate
أَعْلَنَ / يُعْلِنُ
to announce, to declare
ذَكَرَ / يَذْكَرُ
to mention, to cite
تَراوَحَ / يَتَراوَحُ
to range, to vary
أَظْهَرَ / يُظْهِرُ
to show, to manifest
خَصَّ / يَخَصُّ
to concern, to stipulate
بَلَغَ / يَبْلَغُ
to reach, to attain
أَصْبَحَ / يُصْبِحُ
to become, to begin
واصَلَ / يُواصَلُ
to continue
عَدَّ / يُعَدُّ
to count, to be considered
نَفَّذَ / يُنَفَّذُ
to implement, to carry out
دَحَرَ / يُدْحَرُ
to drive away, to defeat
تَحَدَّثَ / يُتَحَدَّثُ
to speak, to discuss
ضَمَّ / يُضَمُّ
to include, to contain
تَمَكَّنَ / يُتَمَكَّنُ
to be capable of, able to
أَشارَ / يُشارُ
to indicate, to mention
قالَ / يُقُوَلُ
to say, to be said
قادَ / يُقُوَدُ
to lead, to guide
نَجَحَ / يُنْجَحُ
to succeed
بَنَىَ / يُبْنى
to build, to construct
اِسْتَخْدَمَ / يُسْتَخْدَمُ
to use, to utilize
اِشْتَبَهَ / يُشْتَبَهُ
to suspect, to be suspected
اِنْتَمَىَ / يُنْتَمَىُ
to be affiliated with, to belong to
أَطْلَقَ / يُطْلَقُ
to release, to fire
اِسْتَوْلَىَ / يُسْتَوْلَىُ
to take, to capture
عَثَرَ / يُعْثَرُ
to find, to discover
طَوَّقَ / يُطَوَّقُ
to surround, to encircle
كافَحَ / يُكافَحُ
to struggle against, to fight against
حفظ / يُحْفَظُ
to maintain, to protect
أَضافَ / يُضافُ
to add, to be added
قامَ / يُقُوَمُ
to carry out, to undertake
هَرَبَ / يُهْرَبُ
to flee, to escape
تَرَكَّزَ / يُتَرَكَّزُ
to concentrate, to focus
اِعْتَمَدَ / يُعْتَمَدُ
to depend on, to rely on
مَثَل / يمَثَل
to resemble, to compare
بَداَ / يُبْدَاُ
to appear, to seem
حاوَلَ / يُحاوَلُ
to attempt, to try
نَزَحَ / يُنْزَحُ
to migrate, to be distant
حَذَّرَ / يُحَذَّرُ
to warn, to caution
مَلَكَ / يُمْلَكُ
to own, to possess
أَسَرَ / يُاْسَرُ
to capture, to take prisoner
اِحْتَجَزَ / يُحْتَجَزُ
to hold captive, to confiscate
تَرَدَّدَ / يُتَرَدَّدُ
to be hesitant, to be repeated
فَشِلَ / يُفْشَلُ
to fail, to be unsuccessful
to flare up, to break out
قَتَلَ / يُقْتَلُ
to kill, to be killed
أَدَّىَ / يُأَدَّىُ
to lead to, to direct to
نَشَّرَ / يُنَشَّرُ
to spread
قَرَّرَ / يُقَرَّرُ
to decide, to resolve
تَعَرَّضَ / يُتَعَرَّضُ
to be exposed to, to encounter
أَتَىَ / يُاْتى
to arrive, to come
هَدَفَ / يُهْدَفُ
to aim, to intend
أَفادَ / يُفادُ
to report, to inform
حارَبَ / يُحارَبُ
to fight, to wage war
شارَكَ / يُشارَكُ
to participate, to share
فَتَحَ / يُفْتَحُ
to open
شَنَّ / يُشَنُّ
to wage, to launch
هَرَعَ / يُهْرَعُ
to hurry, to rush
أَحْبَطَ / يُحْبَطُ
to thwart, to be thwarted
بَعَثَ / يُبْعَثُ
to send, to emit
وَقَفَ / يُوقَفُ
to stop, to stand
دَرَّبَ / يُدَرَّبُ
to give training, to coach
حَمَلَ / يُحْمَلُ
to carry, to transport
نَفاَ / يُنْفَوُ
to deny, to refute
أَعْقَبَ / يُعْقَبُ
to follow, to pursue
اِعْتَزَمَ / يُعْتَزَمُ
to be determined, to be resolute
خاضَ / يُخُوَضُ
to wage, to embark
قَيَّمَ / يُقَيَّمُ
to evaluate, to assess
وَقَّعَ / يُوَقَّعُ
to sign, to be signed
باعَ / يُبِيَعُ
to sell, to be sold
اِسْتَهْدَفَ / يُسْتَهْدَفُ
to target, to aim at
شَهِدَ / يُشْهَدُ
to witness, to observe
تَمَّ / يُتَمُّ
to take place, to conclude
أَرْسَلَ / يُرْسَلُ
to send, to transmit
دَخَلَ / يُدْخَلُ
to enter, to be entered
أَنْقَذَ / يُنْقَذُ
to save, to rescue
سَقَطَ / يُسْقَطُ
to fall, to drop down
اِسْتَمَرَّ / يُسْتَمَرُّ
to continue
اِصْطَدَمَ / يُصْطَدَمُ
to collide, to clash
أَوْضَحَ / يُوْضَحُ
to clarify, to explain
واجَهَ / يُواجَهُ
to face, to be faced with
قَبَعَ / يُقْبَعُ
to be confined
لَعِبَ / يُلْعَبُ
to play
اِسْتَأْنَفَ / يُسْتَأْنَفُ
to resume, to start over
جَعَلَ / يُجْعَلُ
to make, to bring about
اِقْتَرَنَ / يُقْتَرَنُ
to be interlinked, married
أَنْزَلَ / يُنْزَلُ
to bring down, to be sent down
اِنْتَظَرَ / يُنْتَظَرُ
to expect, to wait for
تَجَمَّعَ / يُتَجَمَّعُ
to gather, to rally
أَكْمَلَ / يُكْمَلُ
to complete, to finish
اِصْطَفَّ / يُصْطَفُّ
to get in line, to park
هَتَفَ / يُهْتَفُ
to call, to cheer for
أَدْرَكَ / يُدْرَكُ
to realize, to comprehend
أَعاقَ / يُعاقُ
to hinder, to impede
بَقِيَ / يُبْقي
to remain, to last
شَعَرَ / شَعَرَ
to feel, to be aware
دَعاَ / يُدْعَوُ
to call, to invite
اِحْتَجَّ / يُحْتَجُّ
to protest
أَغْلَقَ / يُغْلَقُ
to lock, to bolt shut
أَعْرَبَ / يُعْرَبُ
to express, to indicate
عانَىَ / يُعانَىُ
to suffer
حَثَّ / يُحَثُّ
to urge, to incite
هَدَّدَ / يُهَدَّدُ
to threaten, to intimidate
وَصَفَ / يُوصَفُ
to describe, to characterize
أَدانَ / يُدانُ
to condemn, to censure
اِتَّهَمَ / يُتَّهَمُ
to accuse
أَصْدَرَ / يُصْدَرُ
to issue, to publish
أَلْقَىَ / يُلْقَىُ
to deliver, to throw
أَشْرَفَ / يُشْرَفُ
to oversee, to manage
حَضَرَ / يُحْضَرُ
to attend, to appear
رَشَّحَ / يُرَشَّحُ
to nominate, to appoint as candidate
أَثارَ / يُثارُ
to provoke, to agitate
مَنَعَ / يُمْنَعُ
to prevent, to forbid
تَعَهَّدَ / يُتَعَهَّدُ
to undertake, to assume obligation
طالَبَ / يُطالَبُ
to require, to demand
غادَرَ / يُغادَرُ
to leave, to depart
to join, to be affiliated
وَجَبَ / يُوجَبُ
to be necessary, to be incumbent
قَدَّرَ / يُقَدَّرُ
to estimate, to appraise
حَشَدَ / يُحْشَدُ
to gather, to mobilize
تَعامَلَ / يُتَعامَلُ
to deal with, do business with
اِعْتَقَدَ / يُعْتَقَدُ
to believe, to be believed
غَزاَ / يُغْزَوُ
to invade, to conquer
أَكَّدَ / يُأَكَّدُ
to confirm, to assure
وَرِثَ / يُورَثُ
to inherit, to be inherited
تَزَعَّمَ / يُتَزَعَّمُ
to lead, to head
اِلْتَقَىَ / يُلْتَقَىُ
to meet, to encounter
اِغْتالَ / يُغْتالُ
to assassinate, to murder
أَدْخَلَ / يُدْخَلُ
to enter, to include
طَرَحَ / يُطْرَحُ
to submit, to suggest
سَطَعَ / يُسْطَعُ
to shine, to be radiant
أَنْهَىَ / يُنْهَىُ
to complete, to be completed
تَوَلَّىَ / يُتَوَلَّىُ
to take charge of, to seize control of
شَرَعَ / يُشْرَعُ
to undertake, to start
ظَلََّ / يُظَلُّ
to remain, to continue
أَرَّقَ / يُأَرَّقُ
to keep awake, to be kept awake
اِعْتَنَقَ / يُعْتَنَقُ
to embrace, to adopt
دَغْدَغ / يدَغْدَغ
to tickle
اِخْتَرَقَ / يُخْتَرَقُ
to pierce, to break
نَطَقَ / يُنْطَقُ
to speak, to pronounce
رَجَّحَ / يُرَجَّحُ
to prefer, to be more likely
اِعْتَقَلَ / يُعْتَقَلُ
to arrest, to detain
تَطابَقَ / يُتَطابَقُ
to coincide with, to correspond with
تَشَبَّثَ / يُتَشَبَّثُ
to cling, to cleave
خَشِيَ / يُخْشي
to fear, to be afraid
اِفْتَقَرَ / يُفْتَقَرُ
to be in need, to lack
تَزامَنَ / يُتَزامَنُ
to coincide, to be simultaneous with
دافَعَ / يُدافَعُ
to defend
اِفْتَعَلَ / يُفْتَعَلُ
to provoke, to incite
أَجْرَىَ / يُجْرَىُ
to conduct, to carry out
اِقْتَرَبَ / يُقْتَرَبُ
to get close, to approach
اِخْتَلَقَ / يُخْتَلَقُ
to invent, to fabricate
أَصَرَّ / يُصَرُّ
to insist, to asset
اِنْبَغَىَ / ينْبَغَىَ
to be incumbent, to be neccessary
باتَ / يُبِيَتُ
to become, to remain
حانَ / يُحَاَنُ
to arrive, to approach
ثَبَّتَ / يُثَبَّتُ
to confirm, to reinforce
تَماشَىَ / يُتَماشَىُ
to conform with, to adapt with
تَبادَلَ / يُتَبادَلُ
to exchange
أَعْطَىَ / يُعْطَىُ
to give, to provide
أَمَلَ / يُأْمَلُ
to hope for, to wish for
شَكَّلَ / يُشَكَّلُ
to form, to compose
سَعَىَ / يُسْعى
to strive, to pursue
أَجْلَىَ / يُجْلَىُ
to evacuate, to withdraw
أَقامَ / يُقامُ
to establish, to erect
حَصَرَ / يُحْصَرُ
to surround, to blockad
مارَسَ / يُمارَسُ
to practice, to excersize
تَجَنَّبَ / يُتَجَنَّبُ
to avoid
وَقَعَ / يُوقَعُ
to be located, to fall down, to take place,
شَغَلَ / يُشْغَلُ
to occupy, to employ
خَفَّفَ / يُخَفَّفُ
to decrease, to mitigate
اِهْتَمَّ / يُهْتَمُّ
to be concerned, to be interested
تَحَطَّمَ / يُتَحَطَّمُ
to break, to crash
تَطَوَّعَ / يُتَطَوَّعُ
to volunteer
جَرَىَ / يُجْرى
to occur, to take place
تَوَغَّلَ / يُتَوَغَّلُ
to penetrate, to advance
فاجَأَ / يُفاجَأُ
to surprise, to be surprised
تَحَدَّىَ / يُتَحَدَّىُ
to challenge, to provoke
سَلَّحَ / يُسَلَّحُ
to provide arms, to arm
بَذَلَ / يُبْذَلُ
to exert, to strive
خَرَّبَ / يُخَرَّبُ
to destroy
صَوَّتَ / يُصَوَّتُ
to vote
خالَفَ / يُخالَفُ
to contradict, to go against
أَسْفَرَ / يُسْفَرُ
to cause, to result in
قَصَفَ / يُقْصَفُ
to bomb, to shell
بَثَّ / يُبَثُّ
to transmit, to disseminate
رَدَعَ / يُرْدَعُ
to prevent, to deter
شَجَّعَ / يُشَجَّعُ
to encourage, to promot
تَحَقَّقَ / يُتَحَقَّقُ
to verify, to realize
أَهْجَرَ / يُهْجَرُ
to abandon, to be abandoned
ناقَشَ / يُناقَشُ
to discuss, to debate
سَلَّطَ / يُسَلَّطُ
to impose, to exert
مَنَحَ / يُمْنَحُ
to grant, to award
تَجاهَلَ / يُتَجاهَلُ
to disregard, to ignore
دَلَّ / يُدَلُّ
to point, to indicate
اِسْتَنْكَرَ / يُسْتَنْكَرُ
to denounce, to be ignorant of