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induco inducere induxi inductum
to lead in, bring in, introduce, conduct, lead up, bring forward
nato natare
to swim, float
no nare
to swim, float
an arrow, shaft, bolt
of gold, golden
claudo claudere clausi clausum
to shut, close, shut up
nympha / nymphe nymphes
a bride, mistress, young woman
semen seminis
a grandfather
cinis cineris
ashes, H. — Esp., of a corpse, the ashes:
depono deponere deposui depositum
to lay away, put aside, set down, lay, place, set, deposit
differo differre distuli dilatus
to carry apart, spread abroad, scatter, disperse, separate
signo signare
to set a mark upon, mark, mark out, designate
torqueo torquere torsi tortum
to turn, turn about, turn away, twist, bend, wind
swollen, swelling, rising high, protuberant, tumid
capto captare
to strive to seize, lay hold of, catch at, snatch, chase, hunt, capture
desero deserere deserui desertum
desert, abandon, forsake
disto distare
to stand apart, be separate, be distant
expello expellere expulsi expulsum
to drive out, drive away, thrust out, eject, expel
sacer sacra sacrum
dedicated, consecrated, devoted, sacred
restless, agitated, anxious, solicitous, disturbed, alarmed, in trepidation
adicio adicere adieci adiectum
to throw to, cast to, fling at, put, put to, set near
going two ways, wavering, uncertain
a room which contains the hearth, fore-court, hall, principal room