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avis avis
a bird
confundo confundere confudi confusum
to pour together, mingle, mix, blend; confuse
knowing in common, conscious with, privy, participant, accessory, witnessing
cremo cremare
to burn, consume by fire
damno damnare
to adjudge guilty, condemn, convict
unknowing, ignorant, unaware
naked, bare, unclothed, stripped, uncovered, exposed
Of character, dutiful, pious, devout, conscientious, religious
praesens praesentis
at hand, in sight, present, in person
repello repellere reppuli repulsum
to drive back, thrust back, drive away, reject, repulse, repel
trabs trabis
a beam, timber, rafter
arceo arcere arcui
to shut up, enclose, hold off, prevent
averto avertere averti aversus
to turn away, avert, turn off, remove
colligo colligere collegi collectum
collect, assemble; se - compose oneself
crooked, curved, bent
flos floris
a blossom, flower
theft, robbery
lugeo lugere luxi luctus
to mourn, lament, bewail, deplore
tearing away, seizing, fierce
stringo stringere strinxi strictum
to draw tight, bind tight, compress, press together; graze; pull off, draw (sword)
slow, not swift, sluggish, tardy
useful, serviceable, beneficial, profitable, advantageous, expedient, to good purpose
circumdo circumdare circumdedi circumdatum
to place around, cause to surround, set around:
horreo horrere horrui
to stand on end, stand erect, bristle, be rough
noto notare
to mark, designate with a mark