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four times
a heap of earth, mound, hill, hillock
in another manner, otherwise, in any other way, differently
classis classis
a class, great division, army, fleet
edo edere edidi editum
to give out, put forth, bring forth, raise, set up (e + dare)
exigo exigere exegi exactum
to drive out, push forth, thrust out, take out, expel
immeasurable, boundless, endless, vast, immense
mollio mollire mollivi mollitum
to make soft, make supple, soften
yielding, pliant, flexible, supple, soft, tender, delicate, gentle, mild, pleasant
a divine omen, supernatural appearance, wonder, miracle, portent
praefero praeferre praetuli praelatum
to bear before, carry in front, hold forth; prefer
a beak (of ship or bird)
trepido trepidare
to hurry with alarm, be in confusion, be agitated, be disturbed
oh that! I wish that! if only! would to heaven! would that!
agito agitare
to set in violent motion, drive onward, move, impel, urge
nourishment, nutriment, aliment
deduco deducere deduxi deductum
to lead away, draw out, turn aside, divert, bring out, remove, drive off, draw down
demo demere dempsi demptum
to take away, take off, subtract, remove, withdraw
memoro memorare
to bring to remembrance, mention, recount, relate, speak of, say, tell
reperio reperire repperi repertum
to find again, find, meet with, find out, discover
sermo sermonis
continued speech, talk, conversation, discourse
transeo transire transii
to go over, go across, cross over, pass over, pass by, pass
tremo tremere tremui
to shake, quake, quiver, tremble
turbo turbare
to make an uproar, move confusedly, be in disorder
shining, glittering, bright, polished, clear