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palleo pallere pallui
to be pale, turn pale, blanch
a slender green branch, twig, sprout
harundo harundinis
a reed, cane
ruo ruere rui
to fall with violence, rush down, fall down, tumble down, go to ruin
attono attonare attonui attonitus
to thunder at, stun, terrify:
desum deesse defui
to be away, be absent, fail, be wanting, be missing
nosco noscere novi notum
to get knowledge of, become acquainted with, come to know, learn, discern
paveo pavere pavi
to be struck with fear, be in terror, tremble, quake with fear, be afraid, be terrified
prex precis
a prayer, request, entreaty
probo probare
to make good, esteem good, approve, esteem, commend
the upper arm, shoulder
uro urere ussi ustum
to burn
velox velocis
swift, quick, fleet, rapid, speedy
accedo accedere accessi accessum
to go to, come to, come near, draw near, approach, enter:
as long as, while
excutio excutere excussi excussum
to shake out, shake off, cast out, drive out, send forth
lacus lacus
an opening, hollow, lake, pond, pool
fearful, afraid, faint-hearted, cowardly, timid
empty, void, unoccupied, vacant, free, clear, devoid of, without
longing eagerly, desirous, eager, greedy
concipio concipere concepi conceptum
to take hold of, take up, take in, take, receive
crus cruris
the leg, shank, shin
impleo implere implevi impletum
to fill up, fill full, make full, fill
induo induere indutus
to put on, assume, dress in
prohibeo prohibere prohibui prohibitum
to hold before, hold back, keep away, check, restrain, hinder, prevent, avert, keep off, debar