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flowing, fluid, liquid
percutio percutere percussi percussum
to strike through and through, thrust through, pierce, transfix
impono imponere imposui impositum
to place upon, set on, impose, establish, introduce, set, place
whenever, always
aetas aetatis
the life of man, age, lifetime, years
dens dentis
a tooth
lateo latere latui
to lurk, lie hid, be concealed, escape notice, skulk
whoever, whatever, whosoever, whatsoever, every one who, everything that, all that
then, at that time, just then, on that occasion
an inner room, chamber, apartment
the neck:
cresco crescere crevi cretum
to come into being, spring up
flecto flectere flexi flexum
to bend, bow, curve, turn, turn round
pondus ponderis
a weight
currus currus
a chariot, car, wain, wagon
sustineo sustinere sustinui sustentus
to hold up, hold upright, uphold, bear up, keep up, support, sustain
a begetter, parent, father, creator, sire
the lowest, deepest, last
a large stone, rough stone, broken rock, boulder, rock
tueor tuitus
to look at, gaze upon, behold, watch, view, regard, consider, examine
figo figere fixi fixum
to fix, fasten, drive, thrust in, attach, affix, post, erect, set up
fons fontis
a spring, fountain, well, source
the tongue
at some time, at one time, once, heretofore, formerly, on a time
spargo spargere sparsi sparsus
to strew, throw here and there, cast, hurl, throw about, scatter, sprinkle
haereo haerere haesi haesum
to hang, stick, cleave, cling, adhere, hold fast, be fixed, sit fast, remain close
cornu cornus
a horn, antler
a branch, bough, twig
tendo tendere tetendi tentum/tensum
to stretch, make tense, stretch out, spread out, distend, extend
ardeo ardere arsi arsum
to be on fire, burn, blaze, be burned
a tear
collect., the hair of the head, hair